A Nonprofit Community Waiting to Happen

We have been writing this blog for several years. As we went along, we began to sense a nonprofit community waiting to happen. So we started a private network called Smart Nonprofit Money at the beginning of the year. We haven’t promoted it much, but interest has grown rapidly. We are close to 200 members in the basic free network.

Introducing Groups

Now we are taking the next leap – starting groups within Smart Nonprofit Money devoted to our two main types of readers who want to grow their knowledge of nonprofit finance:

  • Nonprofit Leaders – People who work for a nonprofit, such as executive directors, board members, and other current and aspiring nonprofit leaders
  • Nonprofit Accounting Professionals – Bookkeepers, accountants, CPAs, CFOs and other current and aspiring nonprofit accounting professionals

If you’re a CFO or accountant or bookkeeper who works directly for a nonprofit, well, you may want to join both groups!

Opening Nonprofit Accounting Professionals Group

The Nonprofit Accounting Professionals group opens TODAY. The Nonprofit Leaders group opened in late August.

We envision the groups as communities where you can

  • Get to know your peers
  • Get more help from us
  • Support each other, and
  • Reach your goals.

Coaching/Mastermind Sessions

We (Carol and Carrie) will be available in person to help both groups in bi-monthly coaching/mastermind sessions. The next sessions are this Thursday, September 3rd. Nonprofit Leaders meets at 3:30pm EDT and Nonprofit Accounting Professionals meets at 12:30pm EDT. See details on how to join below.

We say “coaching/mastermind” sessions because we do not know all the answers. Many of you have deep experience in the nonprofit sector and can bring much light to bear on the challenges we all face. Hence the “mastermind” aspect of our meetings.

Find People in Your Niche

Within the nonprofit sector we see many sub sectors, from environmental to animal organizations, from libraries to private schools, from athletic leagues to churches, and the list goes on. Each sector has its own unique financial needs and challenges.

We hope you will be able to buddy up with others in your niche so you can share things that are working in your organization.

Combined Group Meetings

Periodically we plan to hold online events where we will invite both groups to participate. That way we all can learn how to work together better.

Perhaps also accounting professionals and nonprofit leaders will find just the right match. We know it can be very challenging to find accounting professionals with nonprofit knowledge.

Why Join a Group

  • Cut through the complexity. Running a nonprofit is like managing a small business. In fact, it’s like managing multiple small businesses since nonprofits often have multiple sources of income. Here you can cut through the complexity and get the insights you need.
  • Learn. We know it’s hard to get financial training to help you run your organization effectively and be accountable for donor funds entrusted to you. You just can’t Google for many of the answers you need. We’ve worked with dozens of organizations and hundreds of nonprofit leaders and accounting professionals over the past 12 years so we know what kinds of issues you face. Learn from our experience and the experience of other members in the group.
  • Reach your goals. Become part of a group of people committed to learning and growing. We will invite members to set quarterly goals and share those goals with the group. Together we can tackle roadblocks and celebrate successes.
  • Grow new friendships. Whether you lead a nonprofit or serve as a nonprofit accounting professional, the going can get tough if you try to do it all by yourself. Gain energy and wisdom through newfound friendships with your peers.

Details for Joining

The first step is to join Smart Nonprofit Money. Basic membership is free.

Once you are inside Smart Nonprofit Money you will see Groups in the left navigation bar. Click on a specific Group to see the option to join.

For groups we are charging a small monthly fee ($19.99/mo for Leaders and $29.99 for Professionals) with the first month free. That means you can sign up and attend the Coaching/Mastermind session this Thursday absolutely free. If you decide it’s not for you simply leave the group under your account settings within Smart Nonprofit Money. You have no down side risk.

Our Reasons

We have realized for a long time that access to a CPA with nonprofit (and QuickBooks) knowledge is out of reach for many people in smaller organizations. For nonprofit accounting professionals, it can be hard to find mentors and other professionals to collaborate with. By establishing the two Groups within Smart Nonprofit Money, we intend to solve these problems and create something so much bigger – a community of your peers where you can learn and grow together.

Our aim is to raise the comfort level that everyone has with nonprofit accounting and financial management. If we put our minds together the possibilities are boundless. Perhaps we can start a book club, or you may have other suggestions for how we can make these groups and the greater Smart Nonprofit Money community work for you.

So please come join us…

…if you ever wanted a chance to actually talk with us and ask questions;

…if you ever wanted a chance to talk with other people who read this blog and who care about and struggle with the same things that you do.

“The key—if you want to build habits that last—is to join a group where the desired behavior is the normal behavior.” – James Clear

Recap of What You Get

When you initially join Smart Nonprofit Money, you gain access to the free member area which includes:

  • Free resources topic that continues to grow as we add more resources
  • Ability to connect with other members like you and send private chat messages
  • Occasional questions or polls to which you can add your own comments
  • Monthly roundup post
  • Monthly member profile(s)

When you join the Nonprofit Leaders Group or the Nonprofit Accounting Professionals Group you get everything in the free member area plus:

  • 2X month coaching/mastermind sessions (Carol and Carrie alternate hosting, so you get access to the experience of two nonprofit CPAs)
  • Monthly and quarterly goal setting 
  • Monthly themes on accounting topics and personal development  
  • Private feed where group members can share with each other 
  • Weekly invitation to share wins, challenges and opportunities 
  • Weekly roundup post 

Carrie and I look forward to seeing you on September 3rd in the Coaching/Mastermind sessions. For Nonprofit Leaders that’s 3:30 pm EDT time and for Nonprofit Accounting Professionals it’s 12:30 pm EDT.

Bring your questions. Bring your enthusiasm.

Let’s do this together. Our nation needs you and the good work of the nonprofit sector more than ever.

We’ll see you inside Smart Nonprofit Money!

Carol & Carrie

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