QuickBooks® Online - Designed for Nonprofit Organizations

Don't waste hours trying to set up QuickBooks Online. Finally an affordable solution to get your nonprofit up and running fast in QuickBooks Online!

Pre-built nonprofit chart of accounts and other list elements

Pre-built chart of accounts, products/services and class list designed for nonprofit organizations so you can produce reports for management, audit and 990 purposes.

Step-by-step instructions on how to enter nonprofit transactions

Accompanying bookkeeping documentation walks you through exactly how to use QuickBooks Online to enter transactions for your nonprofit organization.

Get your accounting under control so you can get back to your mission!

ATTENTION BOOKKEEPERS: QuickBooks® To Go! is for nonprofit organizations that want to use QuickBooks Online to manage their accounting. We welcome purchases by bookkeepers and we applaud your efforts to do nonprofit accounting the right way. Please have your clients purchase this product and invite you to be an accountant user. Then you can edit the company file as needed. Thank you!


I love it! Thank you Care Accounting Services for offering a Quickbooks® Online template for my nonprofit organization. My books are now so much more organized! I can run reports to clearly see where my income streams are strongest and keep my financials statements up-to-date. It was easy to get started and saved me a great deal of time getting our accounts set up. Now, I can concentrate on generating additional income for our cause.

Sheila Schmitt, Spring Forward for Autism

QB To Go!: QuickBooks® Online for Nonprofits file & documentation

  • We'll send instructions to purchase discounted QuickBooks Online separately via TechSoup
  • Get the QuickBooks® Online framework you need for nonprofit accounting success! Also receive step-by-step instructions on how to use QuickBooks Online.

QB To Go! Plus a little help to get you going.

  • Use THREE hours of our services for whatever you need help with – setup, training or just getting answers to your accounting questions!
  • Get the QuickBooks® Online framework and instructions, and let us help you get started at a discount from our normal rate of $150/hr.

QB To Go! Plus lock in more help at a discount rate.

  • Use SIX hours of our services for whatever you need help with – setup, training or just getting answers to your accounting questions!
  • Get the QuickBooks® Online framework and instructions, and let us help you get started at a discount from our normal rate of $150/hr.

Q: Do you offer QuickBooks® To Go! for QuickBooks Desktop?

A: Yes, please contact us directly so we can help you.

Q: I’m still trying to decide between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. Do you have any more information that can help me decide which one is best for my organization?

A: Yes, please see an article we wrote called "QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop: Which One Is Best?," available in our Free Member Resource Library.

Q: If I already have a volunteer accountant, do I still need QuickBooks® To Go!?

A: That’s fantastic if you have an accountant to help you! Most accountants are not experts in both nonprofit accounting and QuickBooks Online. We find that accountants appreciate the nonprofit accounting guidance and the tremendous time savings offered by QuickBooks® To Go!

Q: I am already using QuickBooks Online. Can I still use QuickBooks® To Go!?

A: Yes; you have three options:  1) Start a new QuickBooks Online subscription, 2) Overwrite your existing QuickBooks Online company file with QuickBooks® To Go! and re-enter your transactions into the new framework, or 3) Refer to a hard copy of the QuickBooks® To Go! list elements to help you make improvements to your existing file. Please contact us if you need help to determine which way to go.

Q: What are the pros and cons of starting a new QuickBooks Online company using QuickBooks® To Go!

A: If your current QuickBooks Online is a mess, the best solution is often to simply start a new QuickBooks Online company file and do it the right way this time with QuickBooks® To Go! The downside is you cannot import your old data into the new file. You can, however, export your file to a QuickBooks Desktop file and print reports to preserve your transaction history. You will also have access to view the old QuickBooks Online company for a year after you terminate your current subscription.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: If you decide QuickBooks® To Go! is not the right solution for your nonprofit, just let us know the reason within 90 days of purchase and we will refund your money. We'll ask to see if we can help you find a different way forward. We definitely want you to be happy!

Q: Do I need to do anything to start using the QuickBooks® To Go! company file for my nonprofit organization?

A: After we upload the company file, you'll want to customize a few things. For example, you will need to edit special event names to reflect your particular events. You will also want to customize the names of the program services you offer. These customizations are covered in the accompanying documentation.

Q: I use a separate system to track client receivables. Will QuickBooks® To Go! still work for me?

A: You may benefit from entering sales activity in daily, weekly or even monthly batches. QuickBooks® To Go! can work for you with modification to fit your particular needs. Please contact us so we can provide guidance specific to your situation.

Q: If we opt to have you set up QuickBooks® for us, what is included?

A: We will send you a QuickBooks® Design Questionnaire to help us gather all the information necessary to set up QuickBooks and customize it for your organization. We will also talk with you so we can understand your interests and concerns regarding accounting and reporting for your organization. We will set up opening balances and make necessary customizations. If desired, we can help you with entering year-to-date transactions. We will help you link your bank and credit cards to online banking and begin using bank feeds properly and efficiently. We can help you get started on the right foot with tracking restricted gifts, fundraising events and functional expenses. We can help you establish a monthly bookkeeping process. Our scope of work will depend on your needs and interests and the size/complexity of your organization. We will send you a written proposal for your approval to detail work to be done before we start.


SNiP-it of Central Florida is a very small nonprofit [spay/neuter clinic] organization where everyone gets to wear many different hats including accountant. With the help of the Nonprofit Accounting Academy courses and templates for QuickBooks, the accountant role is drastically simplified. Those resources make navigating through the QuickBooks software as easy as checking your email without requiring an advanced degree. The documentation that accompanies the template are great go-to resources when you have a question or problem. We would recommend these products to anyone who is trying to keep up with all of the demands of running a nonprofit because it will make this one aspect of their job much easier.

Sheila Westerveld, SNiP-it of Central Florida

Start QuickBooks Online for your nonprofit organization the right way with QuickBooks To Go!

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