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Financial Management Overview for Nonprofit Leaders

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I so appreciate all the help and guidance you have provided! You have really helped us develop a great understanding of our accounting process. I am able to sleep at night knowing that we have financials that help us see where we are and that was not even close to being possible before.

Michelle Soto, BETA Center

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Nonprofit Accounting Academy has been an integral part of our team. We have relied on thier expertise and guidance to make informed decisions about our financial structure and growth.

Heather Case, One Purse

Perhaps you started a nonprofit,

joined the board of a nonprofit, or

went to work for a nonprofit…

because you wanted to be part of the solution.

The world you’ve entered, though, is not exactly living under a rainbow. Some days you can’t see the end of the rain and that’s WITHIN your organization, never mind the work to be done that was your original inspiration.

That’s not your fault. No one told you running a nonprofit organization is like running a business. If you can’t operate sustainably (read: profitably), you won’t make a dent in achieving your mission. As one executive director put it, “No margin, no mission.”

But how do you get to sustainable? And how do you inspire confidence in others (and rest easier yourself) knowing your organization’s finances are under control?

First put a system in place to handle day-to-day transactions and compliance requirements. This system needs two things:

  1. A great accounting system (That’s where our free email course above can help.)
  2. Knowledgeable people to run and use that system. (Including you!)

From there you can build on that base to improve performance and begin working strategically to make your dreams for your organization’s future a reality.

We’re here to help you with your nonprofit financial management journey.

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