SNiP-it of Central Florida is a very small (< 10 volunteer employees) nonprofit organization where everyone gets to wear many different hats including accountant.  With the help of the Nonprofit Accounting Academy courses and templates for QuickBooks, the accountant role is drastically simplified.  Those resources make navigating through the QuickBooks software as easy as checking your email without requiring an advanced degree.  The step-by-step instructions in the videos are easy to follow along with and the templates get your company up and running quickly.  The documentation that accompanies the template are great go-to resources when you have a question or problem. The videos are geared toward all skill levels, and the instructor’s helpful hints and insight into how the software can be utilized in the most effective manner is invaluable. We would recommend these products to anyone who is trying to keep up with all of the demands of running a nonprofit because it will make this one aspect of their job much easier.Sheila Westerveld, President

I was hired as an admin assistant and for bookkeeping using QuickBooks. The QB part is pretty user friendly, but I wanted to understand the lingo of accounting without becoming an accountant. Your classes helped tremendously. I hired a teacher who worked with me a couple of hours on to use QuickBooks. She was not familiar with nonprofits. It wasn’t until I took your class that QB made sense in the context of a nonprofit organization. The technical part of QB was user friendly, though I was just using one small fraction of QB and not taking advantage of other capabilities that I learned in your class. — Monica Strait