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Highlights of ASU 2016-14

By CarolCarrie / July 1, 2019 /

We have noticed a lot of people searching for more information about ASU 2016-14. If your organization is on a calendar year, you may be going through your annual audit over the summer and having to deal with the new requirements. So we thought we’d give you a giraffe’s eye view of what you need…

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Major Programs

By CarolCarrie / January 7, 2019 /

Does your organization have more than one major program service? You get a chance to show off the accomplishments of your organization’s top programs in Form 990. Part III of Form 990 contains three generous spaces to write a description of accomplishments for your organization’s top three programs. If you really have a lot going…

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A Plan to Keep Public Charity Status

By CarolCarrie / October 8, 2018 /

Congratulations if your organization has achieved 501(c)(3) public charity status! Now what is your plan to keep it? Public Charity or Private Foundation? Organization founders are usually focused on obtaining 501(c)(3) status. Most likely they want to be a special type of 501(c)(3) – a public charity. The alternative is to be classified as a…

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Nonprofit Income Accounts Part 3: In-Kind Donations

By CarolCarrie / September 24, 2018 /

In the last few posts we have been talking about contribution income and the kinds of income accounts you need. Our Chart of Accounts Grand Tour travels through in-kind donation income accounts today. In-kind donations are one of the more confusing and difficult areas for nonprofits. And that’s unfortunate because in-kind donations are so common.…

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New IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search

By CarolCarrie / May 14, 2018 /

Earlier this month (May 2018) the IRS replaced their online EO Select Check tool with a new searchable database called Tax Exempt Organization Search. More Powerful Tool The prior EO Select Check tool, available since 2012, provided users with information about an organization’s tax-exempt status. The new Tax Exempt Organization Search tool provides much more…

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