Opportunity and Preparation

Opportunity and Preparation 376 x 239

“Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.” – Attributed to the Roman philosopher Seneca.

Another favorite quote is

It’s amazing how long it takes to get something done when you’re not working on it.” – Attributed to a lot of people so I have no idea who said that one.

Opportunity can come in a flash and almost always when you least expect it. Preparation, on the other hand, happens gradually, one step at a time. Preparation consists of daily practices that lead in the long run to greater competency, mastery and readiness.

Being prepared never happens if you don’t work on it.

Carrie and I have always had a passion for teaching people how they can use accounting and technology to better run their organizations. So we decided to expand from traditional classroom teaching and consulting to starting a blog and an online school.Our hope is to create content in the form of blog posts and online courses that, over time, help busy people achieve a greater level of mastery over managing their organizations. We will strive to continually add bite-size pieces of knowledge that can be put to work immediately. We are also developing online courses that you can take on your schedule and at your own pace that will go more in-depth, laying important foundation knowledge as well as teaching practical skills.

As a result we hope the next time opportunity comes along, because you’ve been working on it, you’ll be prepared. Our biggest reward will be hearing about your success!

Please drop us a line anytime at info@careaccountingservices.com to let us know what you want to know about accounting and technology topics.

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