Nonprofit Chart of Accounts Grand Tour Wrap Up

Over the course of this year we have taken you along on a Chart of Accounts Grand Tour (with a few detours here and there!) We hope you have enjoyed it. As we wrap up 2018, we want to leave you with a “map” of the accounts we visited.

We provided a table of blog posts covering balance sheet accounts in Biggest Bookkeeping Secret. Below is a list of posts we wrote this year (plus one from last year) covering profit and loss accounts with links:

Post Date Account Type Post Title
07/09/18 Income Nonprofit Income Streams: An Introduction
07/16/18 Income Main Sources of Nonprofit Income
07/30/18 Income How Nonprofits Can Diversify Income
08/06/18 Income Nonprofit Income Diversification: A Cautionary Tale
08/13/18 Income Alternatives to Diversification
08/20/18 Income Nonprofit Income Accounts – Part I
08/27/18 Income: Contributions Names for Contributions
09/10/18 Income: Contributions Nonprofit Income Accounts – Part 2: Contributions
09/24/18 Income: In-Kind Nonprofit Income Accounts Part 3: In-Kind Donations
09/04/17 Income: In-Kind How to Value and Record Volunteer Services
10/15/18 Income: Merchandise Sales Nonprofit Income Accounts Part 4: Merchandise Sales
10/22/18 Income: Special Events Nonprofit Income Accounts: Special Events Part I
10/29/18 Income: Special Events Nonprofit Income Accounts: Special Events Part II
11/05/18 Expenses Nonprofit Expenses
11/12/18 Payroll Expenses Entering Payroll Expenses: Problems and Solutions
11/26/18 Grants & Assistance Charitable Assistance

Last year we wrote a couple of posts on how to design a nonprofit chart of accounts. They have proved to be among our most popular posts:

The Art of Creating a Nonprofit Chart of Accounts – Part 1 of 2

The Art of Creating a Nonprofit Chart of Accounts – Part 2 of 2

While we’re sure this won’t be our last word on the chart of accounts, we think the links to the above posts, along with the links to balance sheet account posts in Biggest Bookkeeping Secret, cover most of the major accounts you need to know.

We’ll be taking a break from the blog over the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s Day.  We will be back with our first post of the year on January 7. Lots of great topics on our radar including more on the new accounting standards for audited financial statement presentation, budgeting, and internal controls for small nonprofits.

We are also working on a course about how to account for restricted gifts and grants. Actually two courses, one for QuickBooks Desktop and another for QuickBooks Online. Please feel free to email us at if you have a particular interest in or questions about this course.

We hope the rest of your holidays are full of love and laughter. We truly appreciate that you are part of our Nonprofit Accounting Academy family. We look forward to joining you again in 2019 as we continue our mission of helping you be an ever more awesome nonprofit manager.

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